Mission & Vision



To become a world class distributor for quality goods and services.  We plan to develop strong relationships with our customers so that they see us as indispensable rather than just another supplier.   We will work closely with our customers to satisfy their needs and to stimulate demand.   Our aim is to continuously deliver superior satisfaction to our business partners, suppliers and customers.

Our company will seek to

* Distribute branded products to our loyal customers in and around areas of Phnom Penh

* Create a working environment which will motivate employees to achieve their maximum potential;

* Value our relationships with suppliers and customers

* To contribute to the ongoing development of our country

As the company seeks to pursue its goals and provide value for consumers, the achievement of the mission will result in outstanding customer satisfaction, high job satisfaction for our employees and long term growth for our vendors. 



Our vision for the company is to expand our scope of offerings to attract new businesses, new customers both locally and internationally and seek to build a first class brand portfolio.