Executive Summary


Our company is a registered company that was formed to distribute food products in Cambodia. We were the exclusive distributor of Saji, Shasa, Rasa & stella Products that are manufactured in Malaysia.  Our company is based in Phnom, Penh. Kingdom of Cambodia. 

Our company has a firm commitment to distribute Cooking Oil throughout Cambodia.  The target market for our products are restaurants, cafes, wholesalers, retailers and all health conscious consumers who have a desire for natural products to live a healthy lifestyle.  Our target market is located in Phnom Penh.

We have put in place a team of trained distributors who are knowledgeable about the market and has a vision for the business to become successful. 

Our company is equipped with the technology to manage the distribution of Cooking Oil & other food products, to become more efficient and effective in our distribution outreach and ultimately better competitors.

Research done has indicated that the fast food industry is growing in Phnom Penh.  We are of the view that once our product becomes known in the market - hotels, cafes, restaurants, fast food outlets for its health benefits and frying ability, there will be a demand for our product.  There is an increase in the number of restaurants in the Phnom Penh city which will cause an increase in the demand of cooking oil consumption. 

We are desirous of going into expansion mode by broadening our distribution channel which will boost our profitability.    

The combination of management experience, sales and distribution experience, exceptional customer service will be the distinguishing characteristics of our business.

We will focus our efforts on the management of our operating efficiency, working capital, and service to our customers and consumers.

Critical to our strategy is our customer focus which is central to the delivery of our products and services. The Group thus monitors customer experience and service levels to ensure that we anticipate the needs of our customers and continue to delight our customers in all segments of our business.

Our efforts to distribute new products, serve our target markets and maintain robust cost control will continue to be our priority.   We are optimistic that our diversified operating base will continue to yield the type of results the business needs as we serve the consumer demand for Phnom Penh foods across our target markets.